THE GOLDEN GOOSE- We are a registered reputable business situated in Centurion, Wierdapark offering a professional service.

                                                        Our offices are safe with safe parking inside for our clients.

                                                        Every test we do is in front of our clients and every step explained.

                                                        We give our clients the best price for their goods, receive instant EFT or cash the same day.

                                                        All we require from you is a ID or Drivers License in order to receive your payment....READ MORE


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106 Willem Botha Street, Wierdapark



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At The Golden Goose we pay competitive prices for your gold jewellery.

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076 300 3192

Centurion Office


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  • Bring your unwanted, broken or new jewellery to The Golden Goose.


  • Jewellery to be divided into their correct purities 9ct, 14ct, 18ct or 22ct.


  • Each purity batch will be weighed by a accurate calibrated jewellery scale in grams.


  • From the gold price of the day a price per gram is calculated for each gold purity.


  • Diamond value will be calculated separately and added to the total value of your jewellery.


  • Once a total value of your jewellery has been calculated The Golden Goose will require your ID or Drivers license and you will receive a instant EFT or cash payment the same day.
106 Willem Botha Steet, Centurion

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106 Willem Boths Street


Centurion , Pretoria



Come visit us today for any information regarding your items and get a free evaluation at The Golden Goose - Gold and Diamond Dealer.

A view of the inside of The Golden Goose and the owner Tyron Wessels.

Don't miss our sign on Willem Botha Street, Wierdapark opposite the speed hump.

image of our sign put up outside our office in centurion to show our clients where our offices are located from the street.

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 082 840 4307 or 082 566 2248

We do Jewellery manufacturing, Designs and repairs.
We buy Krugerrands for spot price
We buy luxury watches.

Need to sell your gold jewellery? We buy gold jewellery and diamonds as well as krugerrands, silver, collectable coins and more. Yellow gold, white gold and rose gold jewellery get instant cash from The Golden Goose gold and diamond jewellery dealer.

Image allows clients to identify which stamps are displayed on their jewellery and what purity of gold, silver or platinum their jewellery is.

Stamps/hallmarks- What do they mean?

Is your jewellery stamped?

What do these stamps mean?

Diamond Jewellery

We buy diamonds separately.


Don't have a any certificate for your diamond/s?

Not a problem, The Golden Goose will still make you an offer for your diamonds.


Can i sell my gold and keep the diamonds?

Yes you can, contact us for further information.


Where is the best place to sell my diamond?

At The Golden Goose we make sure our clients are satisfied and happy.


image of assorted diamond rings set in white gold.

Diamond value is according to its 4 C's


          Colour, Clarity, Cut & Carat



We work with the gold price to ensure the best price for our clients.


 See what the price has done in the past day, month or years.


any questions regarding the price please dont hesitate to give us a cal or drop us a message on Whatsapp


076 300 3192


The Golden Goose recommendations

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Need a custom jewellery piece made?

The Goldsmith and Son



Need more information on any coin?




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Adel Kuhn

"Excellent service"  


Claudette Elspeth Brown

" 5 Star service" 


Santi Burger

"Great service, not only happy with my gold price but got extra for my diamonds as well. Thank you The Golden Goose"  



"Excellent service with fantastic prices!!"  


Fold your own Golden Goose

Follow these easy steps to folding a goose shown on our logo.

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Our scales are calibrated and good quality.

At The Golden Goose our scales are calibrated and we only use the best equipment to test our clients jewellery and give our clients a accurate fair price.

Come today and receive a free evaluation of your jewellery and diamonds.

Diamond tester, how it works?

What Are Diamond Testers?

A diamond tester is a portable device that you can put in your pocket.

The tester has a small, needle-like tip that needs to be placed on the stone tested.

If the diamond is real, the device indicates that on its display or with a sound signal.

How Diamond Testers Work

Diamond testers’ principle of operation is based on the fact that different gemstones conduct heat differently. Heat will pass through a diamond in a different way than it would through cubic zirconia or glass.


A diamond tester will detect the rate at which heat moves through the stone and will tell you whether it is a real diamond.


There are also testers that use electrical conductivity to test stones – they are based on a similar principle, but they use electricity instead of heat.


SA Silver & Gold coins

Image of one of many silver coins which The Golden Goose purchases.
We buy all silver coins.

Sell your silver coins, collectible coins and coin sets at The Golden Goose.


Bring us your coin collections being big or small we will evaluated it for you for free.

Happy with our price we offer?

Receive cash or instant EFT for your coins.



Have any questions regarding coins?

Call 076 300 3192

we will assist you during our working hours.


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Sell your Krugerrands at The Golden Goose


Call or whatsapp us on

076 300 3192

To find out what we are paying for Krugerrands today


We buy Krugerrands in any condition

Proof, uncirculated, used, bad condition and also used in a jewellery piece.

Understanding Pricing

When Selling Your Jewellery



When it comes to selling jewellery, it can seem like a confusing world out there. Where do you start, what to do, who to go to are all vital in making informed decisions and ensuring the best value for your piece. Whether you are selling because you want to upgrade jewellery for yourself, paying off Debt or want to make some extra cash,

selling jewellery can be a rewarding experience that opens opportunities for new ventures.










Selling jewellery can seem like an overwhelming process when it is done for the first time, and understanding pricing is essential.


You may have heard the story of someone buying a brand new car from a dealer and then driving it off the lot. When the car is being sold secondhand years down the road, it is always worth much less than what was initially paid for it at the dealership.


Jewellery buying and selling works in a similar way. The value often depreciates over time, and the retail price initially paid is inflated to cover business expenses: employee wages, rent for the building, marketing, electricity, etc.


As in every business, jewellery retailers need to cover their costs, as well as make a profit. Therefore, their pricing usually falls in the range of being between double or triple the wholesale price.


Buying directly from a jewellery retail store can result in you paying R30 000 for a ring with a gold and diamond value of R13000.


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